A: I have always been fascinated by wildlife and the world. From my extensive travels, I have been very fortunate to see animals in their natural habitat. I like to write about some of the more unusual animals which you will see in my future books.
A: When looking at animals, certain characteristics of them help me to create the character – the movement of the animal, the head, the movement of the eyes etc help me in creating the main character and from that point it is easier to bring in other animals that may live in the same habitat.
A: As a father and uncle you have lovely relaxing times reading many children’s books to children – my philosophy is that both child and reader should enjoy the book. I realised maybe I could write picture books and I soon found myself writing stories in local coffee houses, on my daily commute or at home. Time flies when you immerse yourself in writing. I am fortunate to find it very relaxing and immensely rewarding.
A: Read as many books before and understand what interests You! If you do not have the interest or passion for the subject, then you will find it more difficult. You should ideally find writing fun and enjoyable.
A: I have always liked the cheetah. Their speed and agility is quite amazing. I had the good fortune of getting up close with cheetahs in a sanctuary in Zimbabwe, Africa. I managed to squat next to one and stroke it for some time. You would be amazed, but the fur is not soft – like a domestic cat, but is very bristly; however, the markings of the fur are just amazing.
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